Why Us

We do our best to give satisfaction to our customers by reducing risks that may cause any common storage problems, as moldy, humidity, discoloration, mites and leaking, we understand nature is unchangeable but is adaptable.


Mold growing in buildings is a serious problem but sometimes it is inevitable to happen for buildings especially when they are in tropical place like Bali with high level of humidity. Goods store in a humid place could be covered by molds and there will be no other solution than throwing them into the rubbish bin.

Teman Baik Self Storage units has less risk of storage problems by using dry material for the building.

Dry Floor:

Our premise is built on a dry field instead of on ex watery rice field, built on good quality pad and continuous foundation that is back-filled with 2,5mtr depth of limestone, floored with 15cm thickness of strong concrete floor before then finished with white ceramic tiles to maintain cleanliness and dryness. Even though prevention is always a good thing, for best result before stuffing goods to the units we advise customers to put few layers of corrugated boards or wooden pellets.

Dry Wall:

Our self storage units are built using Autoclaved Aerated Concrete/AAC, light dry bricks that don’t absorb water, that has been proven will not sink when put in the water, therefore it makes the unit free from risk of humidity coming from the wall.

Non-corrosion Roof:

The roof of the premise and the roof of each indoor self storage units are build using Zincalume┬«, a corrosion resistant material that doesn’t retain moist in any weather and climate condition so that it is oxidation free, therefore it is cleaner and safer for metal and other goods stored inside the self storage units.


Our prevention for bugs and mites threat is by avoiding the use of wooden material near self storage units and in addition we do regular pest control.


Teman Baik Self Storage units are indoors, the units are built inside 850msq warehouse with up to 8mtr ceiling height, makes the goods stored inside the units have double roof protection by the roof of the main building and the roof of the units, against leaking risk during rainy season, at once, it creates air sealing like atmosphere around the units to neutralize outer temperature so that the units will not be directly heated or moistened, Therefore it will be free from many storage problem like molds, humidity, discoloring of goods, unpleasant goods smell, etc. Indoor storage is also convenient for loading and unloading goods in any weather condition.

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